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Why Cheat india

Why Cheat india
why cheat india full movie download

why cheat india full movie download

The Why Cheat india scene cuts off to Kota where a boy named also Satyendra Dubey (Sattu) lives. IN a rented house and is doing his coaching to crack the engineering entrance exam.

Meanwhile Rakesh goes to his house wherever. His faculty as a result of he was caught with medication. He’s in remission and still hooked in to medication.

Rakesh hands him the latter’s degree certificate and asks him. To travel to Qatar for work. once a couple of years, Rakesh reunites with Sattu’s elder sister Nupur Dubey. They pay an honest time till a twist takes place in their lives. One day, Nupur tells him that she desires to try {and do} an Master. In Business so as to urge promoted to the next post.

Rakesh gets the Master in Business. Paper solved by a number of his students and calls Nupur to her office’s parking lot. Once Rakesh reaches there and tells Nupur that he has the paper leaked, camera flashes on his face, all the vehicles headlights activate and therefore the police inspector arrests him for leaky the paper.

The pic goes into a flashback showing. That Sattu is dismissed far from his job. His degree was simply a Photoshop certificate. With simply his name (created by Rakesh to urge him out of the exams and rustication load). Sattu commits suicide.

The scene returns to the current time showing. That Nupur had taken revenge for her brother’s suicide. Once being bailed from builds associate degree engineering faculty . On his father’s name that runs with success.

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Why Cheat india
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