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war movies 2019 hindi

New war movies 2019 hindi download

New war movies 2019 hindi download

War an Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) agent. A former soldier-turned-rogue who mentored Khalid. Associates he along with Khalid and other agents. Were on a search for criminal-turned businessman Rizwan Illiyasi.

Later, it’s shown that Kabir has been. On a vacation, and often provides company. To a girl named Roohi (Dishita Sehgal), that is once. He reminisces concerning Roohi’s single mother Naina. United Nations agency he had befriended so as to create her an ideal civilian plus.

Upon learning of his true identity, Naina was at first hesitant to assist him. However in agreement for her five-year-old daughter’s sake. Kabir assured Naina of her safety. To that the latter replied that she has lost all her religion on him. However, throughout Naina’s mission. To spy on Illiyasi’s fourth associate Firoze Contractor.

United Nations agency really had been in contact. With Hindu deity right along, suddenly finds out. That among Illiyasi’s several contacts was a surgeon. United Nations agency had antecedently helped Illiyasi with a cosmetic surgery. Realizing that Firoze is really a disguised Illiyasi. He rushes to save lots of Naina. However it’s too late, as she falls dead from.

Presently, Khalid traces Kabir through Roohi to a Christmas party. In winding, and that they have a short discussion. At Kabir’s hiding place, once they ar suddenly attacked. Each of them fight back the attackers, and once crossing several hurdles. Build it fast to Aditi’s wedding in Kerela, whereat they receive. The intensely crucial cypher that Illiyasi desires.

However, whereas Kabir hands over the drive. To Khalid and that they celebrate on a ship. A flashback goes once more to the chase between Khalid and Saurabh.

On himself to disguise off as Khalid,covering the minor scars on his face employing a mask. Later, he asked his men to shoot him dead thus he may be recovered by the Indian Army. Saurabh, having showed his real aspect to Kabir, throws his apparently lifeless body into a watercourse.

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war movies 2019 hindi
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