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Viswasam [2019]

Viswasam tamil movie download hd

Viswasam tamil full movie download hd

Viswasam A village ruffian, who settles disputes. In his native takes on a big shot when he tries to sort out the rough patch in his marriage.

Thooku Durai tries to satisfy up with Niranjana at her company. Niranjana Pharmaceuticals, to no avail. He later sees his daughter Swetha (Anikha), who is in contention for the Junior National 100m title.

Thooku Durai arrives at the nick of your time to save lots of her. It’s then revealed that Gautham Veer (Jagapathi Babu) is that the one behind. Gautham Veer is that the CEO of Skyline exports and owns a variety of multinational companies, and expects the primary position in everything as.

he wont to achieve an equivalent in his earlier days, including academics and sports. He expects an equivalent of his daughter, who is slower than Swetha by milliseconds. After Gautham threatens his daughter that she would find no affection in him if she loses, she resorts to doping which helps her win the race.


Unfortunately this is often acknowledged by Swetha, who reports it to the authorities. Fearing that her father’s reputation and affection would completely vanish, his daughter attempts suicide but becomes paralysed within the process. Gautham Veer is distraught on seeing his daughter’s condition and vows to possess Swetha killed at any cost.After saving her,

Thooku Durai requests Niranjana to appoint him as Swetha’s bodyguard for subsequent 10 days, until her competition, on condition that he doesn’t reveal any information about him being her father, to which she reluctantly accepts. He enjoys being within the company of his daughter,

whilst saving her from goons on multiple occasions. Thooku Durai later meets Gautham face-to-face and challenges him. Swetha also brings Gautham’s daughter and mother.

Before the competition, Gautham fights an already injured Thooku Durai, at which point Niranjana reveals that Thooku Durai is Swetha’s father. Swetha lags behind during the meet as she has no encouragement. Thooku Durai fights Gautham back, reaches the track, and encourages his daughter by whistling, and Swetha wins the race.

Gautham arrives at the track to attack Thooku Durai, but after seeing his daughter’s recovery, he realizes his mistake. Thooku Durai tells Gautham that children should get older as they desire and to not burden them with what the oldsters desire.

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Viswasam [2019]
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