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The wolf's call movie 2019 download

the wolf's call
The wolf's call movie 2019 download

The wolf’s call The French submarine Titan. The Mediterranean coasts of Tartus (Syria) to stealthily recover.A French Special Forces unit operating in the area However, during. Their mission they encounter an unidentified sonar contact.

The French submarine Titan is shipped near the Mediterranean coast of Tartus. Syria to stealthily recover a French Special Forces unit operating within the area. However, during their mission they encounter an unidentified sonar contact. The sonar expert of the submarine, Chanteraide — nicknamed “Socks”,

First classifies the contact as a wounded whale. But it quickly seems that the contact is an unknown submarine transmitting. Their position to an Iranian frigate and a maritime helicopter operating within the area. The helicopter launches depth charges in an unprovoked act of aggression. After evading the barrage, the Titan surfaces,


Therefore the captain shoots down the helicopter with a Panzerfaust 3. They recover the Special Forces unit and return to base. When the Titan returns to base, the radio announces that Russia is invading. Finland’s Åland Islands, which the French President. Has decided to send a naval task force to the Baltic in support of Finland. Moscow then threatens nuclear retaliation against the France .

Chanteraide, trying to spot the unknown contact in Syria. Discovers that it’s actually a Russian Timour III missile submarine. Supposedly dismantled. subsequent day. By the Timour III from the Bering Sea , prompting the French President to order. The daunting to launch its nuclear missiles against Russia in response.

In the command bunker, Chanteraide, while taking note of the record of the launch. Finds an anomaly: the missile is just too light, because it had been launched without a atomic warhead . Reporting this to the admiral in command of the Strategic. Oceanic Force tricking the French into the irrevocable procedure to launch a nuclear counterstrike from the Formidable. The ALFOST and “Socks” then enter the Titan to prevent this nuclear launch by all means necessary.

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The wolf's call movie 2019 download
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  • Original title: the wolf's call
  • Release date: 20-02-2019
  • Genre: HOLLYWOOD
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