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The Tracker (English)

The Tracker
The Tracker full movie download

The Tracker full movie download 2019

The Tracker (English) Loke Hakansson was taking a family vacation. In the south of Italy. When his wife and his daughter have been kidnapped. Following an attempt of exchange.


In 2019 Norse deity Hakanson was on a family vacation south of Italy once his woman and his female offspring were kidnapped. each woman Associate in Nursingd female offspring are killed because of issues over an exchange try. 10 years later, Hakanson was contacted by an area detective UN agency opened the case and received new info. Reluctantly, Hakansson goes back to Italy to satisfy the detective. He arrived and discovered that the detective had “committed suicide.” To his dismay, Hakanson is caught in an exceedingly lure of deception that forces him to commit acts of violence to grasp what happened to his family.

Movie Reviews:

The acting was awful, the “fight” was worse than the scene, worse than the “music” of the background! Dolph walked over one hundred years recent, might barely walk up the steps, and was too tired to form the fight scenes that, after all, saw him throwing a wedge-knife – painful to observe. once he went into martial arts mode he would barely stretch his legs therefore most would edit. As if it could not be worse, it did – the story is humourous.

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The Tracker (English)
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