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The furies horror english full movie

The furies
The furies horror

The Furies Full Movie Watch Online. To watch online English full movie on 2019. In high quality Free DownloadRebellious high school so students Kayla.

Hai Phuong tries to catch up to the thugs, but she has got to fight through many henchmen. After a lengthy chase, Hai Phuong barely loses them. But not before learning that the thugs are taking Mai to Ho Chi Minh City.

Hai Phuong goes to the police, and steals reports of criminals associated with missing children. Hai Phuong confronts a criminal name Truc, which ends up during a brutal fight where initially Truc gains the whip hand , but Hai Phuong manages to show the tables and nearly kills him, but spares him due to Truc’s mother. The police enlist Detective Luong to unravel the case.


Truc then tells Hai Phuong where the thugs are, and Hai Phuong finds their base of operations. Which reveal that the thugs are using children as illegal child organ donors. She then defeats many henchmen, before facing the boss of the operation, Thanh Soi. Thanh Soi soundly defeats her, and knocks her out and tells her henchmen to throw Hai Phuong within the river. But not before Hai Phuong hears the train that Thanh Soi would be taking.

Hai Phuong is rescued within the river by Detective Luong, but escapes with the assistance of a sympathetic nurse. Hai Phuong then goes to her brother for help, but he refuses to assist her, thanks to him not getting over the very fact that Hai Phuong betrayed their family to become a criminal and never came back to reconcile with them when she left the gangster life, and never attended her parents funeral, and tells his sister she may be a terrible mother and Mai deserves better. Detective Luong finds Hai Phuong, and convinces her to team with him.

Hai Phuong and Detective Luong finally finds the train, and both of them repel the henchmen. While on the train, Thanh Soi tells her henchmen to vary the train tracks on her signal, also as split the train. Hai Phuong confronts Thanh Soi, and eventually kills her,

but not before the train tracks switch, splitting the train apart. Hai Phuong reunites together with her daughter, and reconciles together with her . Hai Phuong then quickly defeats the remaining thugs. The thug plans to kill her, but Detective Luong kills the thug. within the end. Mai she is going to teach her the way to fight.

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The furies horror english full movie
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