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The End Natok

The End
The End Afran Nisho new bangla natok 2019

The End Afran Nisho new bangla natok 2019

The End also afran Nisho and Tanjin Tisha best natok.The Eid and in the mess of things. It can be difficult to decide on a show to watch to completion.

The play has a really good twist. In the last scene of the play, everyone can understand why Sourav (Afran Niso) is fleeing, ignoring Tiffar’s intense love. Till now everyone had taken the problem.There is comedy in the play, there is a human expression of intense love and in the last scene there is a combination of Bangla film.

I do not understand why the drama should be taken in this place! The reason why Nisho escaped from the marriage room, in the last scene, has greatly faded. All in all, after a long time, I found another drama to praise Nisho. And Tisha always tries to do well. His emotional outburst in this play is fantastic.

Natok additionally refers to any drama that’s airy on any Bangladeshi TV station. Natoks ar very fashionable recently in People’s Republic of Bangladesh and became an enormous supply of amusement for Bangladeshi individuals. Bangla natoks ar created in each state, and People’s Republic of Bangladesh that started within the early nineteenth century throughout country rule. therein time, natoks were solely performed in an exceedingly theater.

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The End Natok
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