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Oru Adaar Love full Movie hd (2019)

Oru Adaar Love
Oru Adaar

The Oru Adaar Love movie depicts. The life and times of a group of schoolmates ho are best buddies. As they journey so through the most memorable times of their lives.

The story revolves round the journey of highschool kids from. The time they first meet during their first day of sophistication. In 11th class until their graduation day in 12th class. Roshan woos Priya with the assistance of Gadha and his other friends. One evening Roshan his friends get drunk and a lover of roshan accidentally sends. A porn video from Roshan’s phone to the school’s WhatsApp group.

This causes a wedge between Roshan and Priya. Roshan and Gadha then pretend to be crazy to form. Priya jealous but they find yourself having feelings for every other. Priya approaches Roshan and says that she is o forgive him which they will start to be during a relationship again. But Roshan is unable to forget Gadha.


Heartbroken, she tells Roshan that Gadha alone is that the perfect for him and that they end their relationship. On graduation day, Roshan decides to propose to Gadha on top of the mountain. Even as Roshan is close to propose to Gadha. They’re attacked by a bunch of goons who were antagonized. By Roshan and Gadha earlier as a part of an eve-teasing incident.

Their friends enter and save them. The movie ends with them riding away happily.he film appears to mention that the wrongs that men do aren’t really all that wrong. The misogyny doesn’t even attempt to hide behind any ‘larger’ story like in some movies.

What could have became an enticing tale of teenage realisation finishes up nowhere.Oru Adaar Love provides some unexpected surprises but you’d require real patience to take a seat through until then. It’s a no brainer, often offensive school kid romance that uses every technique to entertain. If that’s your idea of fun, you’ll find this one fine

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Oru Adaar Love full Movie hd (2019)
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