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Notebook movie

Notebook movie download

Notebook full movie download

Notebook full movie is kabir kaul a young army officer before decides to teach in his late father’s school. The wular Public School as the school will be closed If there is no teacher to teach.

Kabir Kaul a young retired military officer. Decides to show in his late father’s faculty. The Wular Public faculty because the faculty are going to be closed if there’s no teacher to show. At the varsity, he finds a diary left behind within. The table drawer by the previous teacher Firdaus Quadri. Youngsters begin returning to high school once learning. That a brand new teacher has arrived. They decline Kabir, leading him to suppose that he cannot teach. However once reading Firdaus’s diary, he gains confidence and decides to do.

Notebook Kabir experiences a breakup together. With his girlfriend, UN agency has associate degree. Affair and believes that Kabir is currently unfit to marry. He’s brokenhearted however takes solace within the schoolchildren and Firdaus’s diary, writing comments in it. He learns concerning Imran. One in all the schoolchildren, whose father, Yakub, desires him. To assist within the menage instead of attending faculty. Exploitation facilitate from the diary, Kabir succeeds in transportation Imran back to high school. He decides to burn Firdaus’s diary once learning. She is obtaining married, however retrieves it. In an exceedingly work of epiphany.

On her day, Firdaus finds out that her betrothed was cheating. On her and also the alternative lady is carrying his kid. She calls off the wedding and returns to Wular Public faculty. The youngsters square measure joyful to possess her back tho’ Kabir is gone. She finds her diary within the same drawer she had left it in an exceedingly year before and reads Kabir’s comments. He had written that he was gaga with the author and had learned valuable lessons from her diary. Curious, Firdaus asks the principal concerning Kabir constant method he had asked concerning her. The principal tells her that he has gone to require a teaching course.

One day, Firdaus confronts Yakub, UN agency desires to require Imran back. Imran sees Kabir and runs to him, speech communication he does not wish to depart the varsity. Yakub threatens Kabir with a gun and Imran, realizing Yakub may kill Kabir, takes the gun to shoot his father. Kabir stops him, asking him to not do therefore. Yakub realizes his mistake and lets go of the matter. At the end, it’s shown that Firdaus sent the youngsters back home in order that she will be able to speak with Kabir with whom she has fallen gaga.

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Notebook movie
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