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motichoor chaknachoor

motichoor chaknachoor
motichoor chaknachoor

motichoor chaknachoor full movie download

motichoor chaknachoor in the lead roles. It follows the story of a 36 year old man trying to seek out a wife. Also a few girl who’s dreams are to go away her village and live aboard. The young women keeps turning down every man who involves invite her hand. She’s trying to find a person who works aboard, either in America, London or Dubai anywhere but India.

She finally finds someone to marry but he’s much older man but he’s her neighbor’s son. She uses her desirability to urge him to comply. With marry her and now all that’s left is for her to go away for Duabi. It isn’t all it seems, the reality is exposed on what her now “husband” does for work. A hilarious story of a 36-year-old jobless man Pushpender,

trying to seek out a wife and Anita who’s also trying to find a husband. But there is a catch – Anita wants to settle abroad after marriage.Debamitra had filed a billboard arbitration petition on Bombay supreme court which had ordered a stay the discharge of its trailer, over non-payment of dues by the manufacturers of the film Woodpecker Movies PrivateIn the neighboring house, Pushpinder Tyagi(Nawzuddin) who works in Dubai and may be a 36-year-old bachelor trying to find a bride, is visiting his family.

Motichoor Chaknachoor,,. assail the tiny town Conditions and therefore the usual mixture of strange characters that we’ve often seen in movies set in Northern India.

1st half, there are some genuinely funny moments. Nawazuddin shines in a number of the comic and emotional scenes.Athiya Shetty is worst looker n Bogus actress.Overall, Motichoor Chaknachoor comes off as a assortment – very entertaining half but the last half plays spoilsport heavily.

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motichoor chaknachoor
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