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marjaavaan full movie 2019 hd hindi bollywood


Raghu may be a loyal goon marjaavaan to the local thug Narayan Anna who controls the water mafia in Mumbai. His father's dependence on Raghu doesn't sit well with Vishnu, whose complexes arise from quite just his short stature, as he's only three feet tall.

marjaavaan Vishnu kidnaps Gaitonde (one of his father's enemies) and tells a child Zoya had selected for her music festival to shoot him. Raghu finds Zoya and tries to run faraway from marjaavaan Vishnu and his father but Vishnu catches them and orders Raghu, Zoya, and every one the youngsters to be killed.

Vishnu's father tells Raghu he and therefore the kids are going to be safe if he kills only Zoya, as she is that the eyewitness to Gaitonde's murder. Zoya tells Raghu to kill her in order that he and therefore the kids remain safe. Raghu shoots, and Zoya dies in his arms.

Zoya is buried by the youngsters , Raghu’s friends and her friends. Vishnu tries to urge Raghu killed in jail, knowing if he's released, he will take revenge. However, Raghu beats up the goons Vishnu hired. When Vishnu's father tells him that Raghu are going to be sentenced to life,

Vishnu helps Raghu get out by bribing. The proofs because when Raghu comes out. He will kill him. When Raghu is released, Vishnu sees that Raghu isn't an equivalent after Zoya's death. However, Raghu kills all of them and buries them. He visits Zoya's grave and vows revenge on Vishnu; he's joined by his friends during this mission.

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marjaavaan full movie 2019 hd hindi bollywood
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