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Luka Chuppi

Luka Chuppi
Luka Chuppi new movie hindi

Luka Chuppi new movie hindi download

The Luka Chuppi film starts with reporters asking film star nazeem Khan if he is in a live. He replies that it is his life and he can do whatever. Luka Chuppi film then shifts to Mathura where Vishnu Trivedi, a failing politician wants a ban on live-in relationships.

Shukla may be a reporter in Mathura. He falls for the self-willed Rashmi Trivedi. Guddu desires to induce married however Rashmi suggests a live-in relationship. They attempt to attempt the live-in relationship once each their ancient families assume they are married and begin living with them


The 3 head for Gwalior Associate in Nursingd area unit ready. To notice an housing with the assistance from a neighborhood. Srivastava watches Suspicious, she goes to their housing and asks Rashmi however long they need been married. Confused, they each cross-check one another, and blend up answers. Virtually bound that they’re during a live-in relationship, Mrs.

Mrs. Srivastava tries to convert them however vainly. Guddu’s eldest brother Varun’s in-law Babulal sees. Them pampering publicly show of affectionateness. The pretend photograph and assumes that the 2 eloped and got married.

The next morning, Babulal brings Guddu’s entire family. To their house as well as Guddu’s mother Shakuntala and father Badriprasad. His family sees the marriage photos and return to Mathura to inform Hindu deity regarding the 2.

Rashmi then goes to measure with Guddu and his family. As a result of everybody thinks that they’re currently married. Rashmi dislikes lying to everybody and asks Guddu to quickly get themselves married.

Finally, they conceive to marry in Associate. In Nursing anonymous public wedding event. sadly, Hindu deity arrived to the event as a chief guest. He recognises Guddu and ultimately each. The perimeters, Shuklas and Trivedis reach. The venue and find to understand regarding the reality. Guddu and Rashmi then settle for that they’re not married.

Guddu explains to Hindu deity that the rationale. Why Hindu deity keeps losing the elections is as. A result of majority of the choice cluster is that the new generation. World Health Organization believe fashionable strategies. Like live-in relationships and opposing their strategies. Equals to lack of support from them. Thus, he convinces Hindu deity to prevent opposing live-in relationships. Everybody finally get Guddu and Rashmi married.

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Luka Chuppi
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