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kabir singh full movie

kabir singh
kabir singh

kabir singh full movie hindi bollywood hd download

Kabir Singh, a short-tempered house surgeon gets used. To drugs and drinks when his girlfriend is forced to marry the other person.

Kabir and his friend Shiva enter a third-year classroom and announce. Kabir is crazy with Preeti, asserting that she is exclusive to him. Initially afraid, Preeti starts adjusting herself to Kabir’s overbearing attitude. She eventually reciprocates his feelings and that they develop an intimate relationship.

Kabir graduates with an degree and leaves for Mussoorie to pursue a post graduate degree in Orthopedic surgery. Over the course of three years, Kabir and Preeti’s relationship becomes stronger. Months later, Kabir visits Preeti’s house, where her father, Harpal, sees them kissing and throws Kabir out.


Harpal opposes Preeti and Kabir’s relationship since. He dislikes Kabir’s personality. Kabir demands that Preeti must decide within six hours otherwise. He’s into himself becomes unconscious for 2 day.

His elder brother Karan’s wedding within the process. Preeti is then to a different man named Jatinder from her caste. Learns about the wedding from Shiva and goes to her house in protest. He’s assaulted and gets arrested for creating a scene. Kabir’s father, Rajdheer, ostracises him from the family home for damaging his reputation.

Kabir finds a rented apartment and joins a personal hospital as a surgeon. To deal with his emotions, he starts shooting up. Attempts one-night stands, buys a pet dog and names it. After Preeti, and drinks alcohol all of which are unsuccessful.

Within months, he becomes a successful surgeon and a high-functioning alcoholic. One among the explanations being his high surgery count. Kabir’s self-destructing behaviour and refusal to maneuver on worries Shiva and Kamal.

He persuades one among his patients, Jia Sharma a number. One movie star to possess a no-strings relationship with him. He ends she falls crazy with him he has been doing since leaving home. He unsuccessfully persuades to return.

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kabir singh full movie
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