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Housefull 4 (Hindi)

Housefull 4
Housefull 4

Housefull 4 New Full Hindi Movie HD 2019 | Akshay Kumar 

Housefull 4 Bala Dev Singh (Akshay Kumar) of Madhavgarh. as banished by his father. Maharaj Parikshitap Parikshit Sahni, King. Housefull 4 Bala’s servant Pehla Pasta Chunky Pandey) informs him of Sitamgarh – a close-by kingdom whose King.

Maharaj Surya Singh Rana (Ranjeet), is trying to find grooms for his three daughters. Rajkumari Madhu (Kriti Sanon), Rajkumari Mala (Pooja Hegde) and Rajkumari Meena (Kriti Kharbanda). Bala plans to marry Rajkumari Madhu, the eldest Princess, in order that he becomes the King of Sitamgarh.

Bala meets Bangdu Maharaj Riteish Deshmuk. An effeminate dance teacher who has an affair with Mala. Meena is secretly crazy with the brave bodyguard of the three princesses, Dharamputra (Bobby Deol). Bala helps the 2 couples get together and enlists their help for uniting him with Madhu. The plan works and Maharaj Surya Singh Rana announces the marriage of Madhu with Bala. Mala with Bangdu, and Meena with Dharamputra. However, Suryabhan (Sharad Kelkar), Surya Singh Rana’s nephew,

wants the throne for himself. He kills the brother of Sitamgarh’s enemy clan’s leader. Gama and frames the three couples for it. On the day of the marriage , Gama storms into the fort and fights them to avenge his brother. During the fight, Bala realises that he now truly loves Madhu. Albeit initially she was just the trail to the throne for him. During the fight, the marriage mandap (altar) collapses and kills the three couples along side Gama.


Back within the present, Harry realises that the grooms are set to marry the incorrect brides. Bangdu Maharaj and Dharamputra respectively. Just then, they’re introduced to Pappu Rangeela (Rana Daggubati).

A qawwali singer and therefore the brother of the women. He’s the reincarnation of Gama but has no recollection of his past life. Meanwhile, Pasta finds a painting of their past lives’ day which shows Bala with Madhu. Bangdu with Mala, and Dharamputra with Meena. Before they will show this painting to the women to remind them of their past lives. It gets within the hands of Pappu Rangeela and he remembers his life as Gama.

Pappu crashes the marriage and a fight plays out. The fight makes Pooja and Neha remember everything. Soon, Michael Bhai (Sharad Kelkar), now revealed to be the reincarnation of Suryabhan. Shows up at the marriage for his money and shoots Gama. Kriti remembers everything when she sees Michael Bhai. Also tells everyone that the marriage mandap hadn’t collapsed on its own. Pappu Rangeela hears this and pushes Michael Bhai into the collapsing mandap, thus getting his revenge.

The film ends on a cheerful note with Harry, Roy and Max marrying Kriti. Pooja and Neha, thus completing their 600-year-old romance .

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Housefull 4 (Hindi)
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