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Good Newwz (Hindi)

Good Newwz
Good Newwz

good newwz hindi full movie 2019

Good Newwz 12 days after their visit to the hospital. Varun and Deepu are summoned by Anand’s wife, Sandhya Joshi. Good Newwz as there’s an emergency. It’s at this stage that Varun and Deepu encounter Honey and Monika “Moni” Batra, a few from Chandigarh. Who seem to possess haunted IVF also .

Both couples are involved , and Anand reveals shamefacedly. That a goof-up has occurred varun’s swimmers are mixed with Moni’s eggs. Honey’s swimmers with Deepu’s eggs. Shocked beyond belief, both couples attack the 2 doctors, with Deepu storming call at anger, while Moni seeks compensation.

Several days later, Varun receives a call from Honey and finds out that Moni is pregnant. But his rudeness causes Honey to fear the loss of his child as. He senses that Deepu has also gotten pregnant. Dreading the threat in Varun’s words when he hints at keeping him away. He vows to stop an abortion on Deepu’s part, and convinces Moni to close up and leave for Mumbai soon. Quickly enough, they hire out an apartment just above Varun’s and Deepu’s flat. Reveal themselves, much to the couple’s shock.


Varun and Deepu initially project a confused frustration against. Honey and Moni the primary six months of pregnancy for trying to interfere in their lives. But while the previous couple seeks advice from Richa and Vivek. This complete friction reaches some extent where they detest each other’s contracts over. The youngsters to change state out of the impregnations.

However, during a routine check-up at the hospital within the seventh month of pregnancy. Sandhya advises Deepu to undertake interacting with Moni. Realizing that she must understand things all four of them are trapped in. Deepu asks Moni out for a street food outing, during which era

Deepu develops sympathy for Moni when the previous learns. That the latter had suffered two miscarriages, and that they soon begin to bond well. However, back home, Varun still nurses a negative attitude towards. All that went on , but this point. Deepu takes a substitute Honey’s and Moni’s favour. Explaining to Varun that he never even cared for his own wife, including his baby’s genetic mother.

Meanwhile, the strain between Honey and Varun also seems to possess dissolved briefly at a bar. Where they start bonding and dancing and later talking, until Honey expresses concern over. Deepu’s work commitments, which he thinks will have a negative impact on the kid . Varun, incensed, asks Honey to scram ,

claiming that Deepu features a choice since it’s her child. An argument between the 2 escalates upto some extent. Where Varun leaves the bar in disgust and therefore the manager. Injured within the tussle, tips off the police about Honey, who refuses to budge from his position.

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Good Newwz (Hindi)
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