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Fuh se Fantasy

Fuh se Fantasy
Fuh se Fantasy full movie download

Fuh se Fantasy full movie download

The story showcases the delight in modern that dare to explore their deepest and quirkiest desires. in Fuh se Fantasy

Jyotsna and Lakshya square measure a young couple head over heels. In love with one another however. On the verge of a womb-to-tomb separation. However, there’s one issue on their common ‘to do’ list – eff. On associate degree plane, be a locality of the Mile High Club. Can they be able to complete their goal or half ways that ne’er to fulfill again?

Lets see what happens Leela Agarwal and Kiara Sajnani square measure childhood friends. WHO have at large from metropolis on a brief junket. On the road, they meet a hitch-hiker referred to as Tahir WHO asks for facilitate. What starts off as a friendly banter becomes a life-changing expertise for the three: every of them learns a lesson on life, acceptance, anguish and love.

Luke Thomas Rodrigues may be a young affluent man, WHO has nurtured the eccentric fantasy of being a libertine for an evening. On the eve of his departure from the town for a biennial stint within the United States of America, Luke decides to meet his ‘keeda’ and become a hustler. However, once he comes across a lady referred to as Marilyn. Luke reconsiders his own views on life, aspirations and dignity.

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Fuh se Fantasy
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