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Dream Girl

Dream Girl
Dream Girl

dream girl 2019 full movie free download

Dream Girl Karamveer ‘Karam’ Singh is sweet at impersonating. The feminine voice from a really young age and hence keeps getting female lead roles. In mythological plays since his childhood, although he protests. Whenever and would accept a way smaller but a male character. He’s currently unemployed and gets to perform these roles because. It fetches him good money. His father, Jagjeet Singh runs a store dealing. In funeral items and is sunk deep into loans he owes to varied banks. Thanks to low turnover, he’s unable to payback the EMI’s.

While coming back from an unsuccessful interview for employment , Karam sees a billboard that promises Rs. 70,000/month salary. He reaches the given address, but the employer Mauji ‘W Ji’ (Rajesh Sharma) rejects him outright without inquiring his qualifications. Karamveer pleads, and eventually , Mauji relents and shows him his call centre where only ladies work. The call-center is entertaining fantasies of individuals who call them, mostly men who do not have a partner in life. Karamveer is shocked but quickly regains his composure, and impromptu answers a call during a female voice for Ms. Puja, who frequently is inactive .

Mauji is impressed together with his skill and immediately hires him and provides him Rs. 25,000 as advance payment. Karamveer tells his father that he possesses employment at an MNC and hand overs him the advance payment he received. His father is happy at this news, while Karam celebrates together with his friend Smiley. Later at the work , he garners an honest fan base due to his sweet voice and sharp presence of mind.

He comes across Mahi at his customer’s home. Where he visited deliver products asked from his father’s shop. He’s hooked in to her beauty and catches her attention with some witty lines. Later they are available across one another while waiting during a queue. Karam impresses her together with his funny personality and love.

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Dream Girl
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