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Dora and the Lost City of Gold Full Movie english

Dora and the Lost City of Gold
Dora and the Lost City of Gold

dora and the lost city of gold full movie download in hd

Dora and the Lost City of Gold Deep. In the Peruvian jungle, Dora, daughter of explorers Cole and Elena, spends. Her days going on adventures with her monkey friend Boots so her cousin Diego, and imaginary friends Backpack and Map

On a category excursion to a museum, Dora and therefore the others are lured to its off-exhibit archives. Where they’re captured by mercenaries led by Powell who fly them to Peru. Once they land, a person named Alejandro, who claims to be a lover of Dora’s parents helps them escape. Within the process the mercenaries, aided by Swiper, steal Dora’s map.

Alejandro reports that Dora’s parents have gone missing which the mercenaries are checking. Out them in hopes of stepping into Parapata and stealing its treasures. Dora resolves to seek out her parents first with Alejandro’s help.


The group travels through numerous obstacles, including quicksand, Inca ruin puzzles, and attacks from forest guards of Parapata. After numerous hazards. Dora reaches her parents just outside the borders of Parapata. But Alejandro reveals he was working.

but Boots the monkey helps them escape. With Dora’s parents still prisoners. The teenagers plan to find the way inside Parapata in hopes of acquiring treasure. That they will use to bargain for Elena and Cole’s release.

Inside the hidden city, Dora and therefore the others solve its temple’s puzzles and dodge its traps. he attempts to steal its central idol himself, but instead falls into a trap. The soldiers guarding Parapata, led by their queen, defeat the mercenaries and confront the teenagers .

Dora speaks to them in Quechua, assuring that the teenagers only came for her parents and to find out . The Inca permit the teenagers and Dora’s family to go away , allowing them a glimpse of their greatest treasure.

The teens and Dora’s parents reach Dora’s jungle home. Her parents discuss happening another expedition as an entire family. But Dora decides to return to high school in l. a. . She and therefore the other teens celebrate at a celebration . Alejandro and therefore the mercenaries remain prisoners in Parapata.

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Dora and the Lost City of Gold Full Movie english
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