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De De Pyaar De 2019

De De Pyaar De
de de pyaar de 2019 hindi

De De Pyaar De Download 2019 Hindi Full Movie

De De Pyaar De 2019 Ashish Mehra is a 50-year-old. He meets Ayesha Khurana, a 26-year-old. Who poses as a stripper at his friend’s bachelorette. They start dating and begin a serious relationship so living together.

Ashish Mehra may be a 50-year-old non-resident. Indian businessman settled in London. He meets Ayesha Khurana, a 26-year-old who poses as a stripper at his friend’s bachelorette. they begin dating and start a significant relationship, cohabitation.


Ashish’s friend and psychologist Sameer Khanna. He skeptical about Ayesha initially but is convinced Ashish informs her. His wife Manju Rao and his children sleep in India. Their relationship suffers a setback when Ashish reveals that he’s too old. To possess children, but they reconcile and he decides to introduce Ayesha to his family.

Ashish takes Ayesha to his parents’ residence in Manali to realize their approval for marriage. There, he sees that his family, composed of his ex-wife Manju, daughter Ishita, and son Ishaan, now accept his father Veerendra and mother Suman.

That he will ruin her family’s meeting with Atul, her to-be-father-in-law. A startled Ashish introduces Ayesha as. His secretary, much to the latter’s chagrin. As Manju’s brother to Ishita’s future in-laws.

Ayesha and Manju fail to urge along well. Ishita is angered when she sees Ashish and Ayesha together and shouts at him. Ashish reveals to the family that he had brought Ayesha to realize their approval and Ishita also reveals to Atul that Ashish is her father.

That night, Ashish and Manju sleep together after Manju breaks down and Ashish consoles her. When this is often revealed to Ayesha. She feels cheated and further learns that the couple haven’t even divorced. She returns to London. Meanwhile, Ashish convinces Atul for the wedding and he agrees.

Manju travels to London and convinces Ayesha to offer Ashish another chance, telling her that the divorce papers are ready. Ayesha reconciles with Ashish. during a mid-credits scene, Ayesha and Ashish argue on whether or not they should meet Ayesha’s family.

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De De Pyaar De 2019
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