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Bhaijaan Elo Re

Bhaijaan Elo Re
Bhaijaan Elo Re Latest Bengali Movie 2018

Bhaijaan Elo Re Latest Bengali Movie 2018

Bhaijaan Elo Re Ujaan, a timid zamindar, and Ajaan. A daring costume designer, are doppelgängers of each other. As they step into each other’s shoes so things take a surprising turn.


Different at birth, when brothers and daughters grow older at. The age of eighteen, may be completely different from each other. Although the brother is not an outspoken and somewhat. Busy man, Greta is a courageous costumer, Jan . Is somehow conservative and courageous. After years away, Destiny brings. 2 brothers together and things take a significant flip from now on

although it had been purported to be unleash throughout Eid-ul-Fitr. The film was dropped at East Pakistan by U.N Ahmed Traders below the SAFTA Contract. throughout the primary week, the film was free in 109 cinema halls. the quantity of halls crossed a hundred and ten within the second week. within the third week, the film still continuing sturdy.

Bhaijaan Elo Re bust all records created by movies below SAFTA Contract. The show was directed by Joydip Mukherjee and made by Eskay Movies. leading opposite Shakib Khan square measure Srabanti and Payel Sarkar. The film additionally stars Deepa Khandakar, Monira Mithu, Rajatabha Dutta, Biswanath and Shantilal Mukherjee. The film was free in urban center last Eid, and was reportable to be successful there yet.

The movie additionally Additional actor.
Actor Shakib Khan and director Jaydeep so Mukherjee.
But and the fourth collaboration.The second collaboration between
Theisian Shrabanti. When Mukherjee directed the movie Bhaijaan Elo

Re. Bangladeshi Maven Shakib Khan and Tollywood.
Bengali Maavin actress Shrabanti Chatterjee and Pavel Sarkar.
Star in the film, an Indian Bengali action comedy film.
directed by Bhajan Elo Ray Jaydeep Mukherjee.
The other characters are Rajatava Dutt.
Kharaj Mukherjee, Shantilal Mukherjee, Shahid.
Ali, Munira Mithu and Deepa Khandkar. Photo by SK Movie.

Bangla Language

চলচ্চিত্রটি অতিরিক্তভাবে | অতিরিক্ত অভিনেতা অভিনেতা শাকিব খান| ও পরিচালক জয়দীপ মুখার্জি এবং চতুর্থ সহযোগিতা খান| এবং থিসিয়ান শ্রাবন্তীর মধ্যে দ্বিতীয় সহযোগিতা যখন সিনেমাটি পরিচালনা করেছিলেন মুখার্জি।

বাংলাদেশি মাভেন শাকিব খান ও টালিউড।
বাঙালি মাভিন অভিনেত্রী শ্রাবন্তী চ্যাটার্জী এবং পাভেল সরকার।
ছবিতে তারকা, একটি ভারতীয় বাংলা অ্যাকশন কমেডি ফিল্ম।
পরিচালনা করেছেন ভজন এলো রায় জয়দীপ মুখার্জি।
অন্য চরিত্রগুলি হলেন রজতাভ দত্ত।
খরাজ মুখোপাধ্যায়, শান্তিলাল মুখোপাধ্যায়, শহীদ।
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Bhaijaan Elo Re
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