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badla full movie

badla full movie hd download 2019

badla full movie hd download 2019

badla is a Naina Sethi (Taapsee Pannu) is a young and shrewd successful businesswoman with a perfect family. Her world turns upside down when.

Badal is suspicious that Naina isn’t being honest with him. to urge a lot of data, he queries her regarding the disappearance of a young man close to the edifice. Naina reveals that she and Arjun were having a secret rendezvous within the space. On the manner back, she accidentally bumped into AN oncoming automotive.

The crash kills the motive force of the opposite automotive, a young boy named Sunny. Arjun convinces Naina to not inform the police, and that they conceive to take away any trace of the crime. They place Sunny’s body within the trunk of his automotive, and Naina dumps the automotive during a swamp.

whereas Arjun is watching for her, aristocrat and Nirmal. An area couple, meet him and invite him to their home. Wherever he discovers that they’re Sunny’s folks. Once aristocrat calls Sunny, Sunny’s phone rings in Arjun’s pocket as he had forgotten to lose it. He passes it off as accidentally sitting thereon.

Arjun and Naina flee however become upset that they’re going to be discovered. aristocrat identifies Naina’s vehicle, creating her a suspect, however Naina has her professional falsify AN alibi. The police expire however aristocrat confronts Naina and divulges that she is aware of the reality. She implores Naina to inform her Sunny’s location however Naina refuses. Arjun and Naina ar then contacted by the felon, resulting in this events.

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badla full movie
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