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13 Graves English

13 Graves
13 Graves English

13 Graves English full movie download hd

When 13 Graves he escapes leaving them no choice. But to hunt him through the surrounding forest. As night falls they and terrifying truth about. The vast, sprawling woodland, and the hunters become the hunted. As they find Graves stalked by ancient supernatural force.

Present day. Arizona. Megan and Abby sisters that couldn’t be less alike. Megan just graduated ASU with a marketing degree. She’s a self- naturally attractive rock chick with that she likes to use. Abby just barely graduated highschool . She’s a cute, Hot Topic Goth who’s caustic and scared of her own shadow. They share one thing: a life-long obsession with comics and popular culture .

Simply put, they’re beautiful geeks. during a few days, Megan will start a replacement job at in ny . To send her off a la mode , the sisters continue a wild, popular culture bender that has a visit to uncharted Arizona in search of a kitchy roadside attraction. Abby happen on Skull City Mine, a weather-beaten town converted into a self-guided tour.

But Skull City harbors terrible, vexing secrets. It appears to be haunted. Its caretakers are murderous. Victims’ souls are ripped from their bodies right before their eyes, and that is only the start . When Megan suffers a near but to try to to so, she must unlock the mystery of Skull City alone.

Can Abby defeat the threats of Skull City and rescue Megan or are they doomed like all the opposite tourists before them I liked it..Yes there was a few of partsin it that was a touch well…on the WTF sid…but what movie hasn got that…It was a geat movie…had some really trippy parts in it and if you follow my reviews i really like an honest movie with some parts

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13 Graves English
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